About NinjaSuze

cropped-profile_bright.jpgI am a full-time high school English teacher and mother of two who has been practicing martial arts for five years. In March of 2010, I decided to forgo sleep and enrolled in an adult karate class that is squeezed into the evening hours when I used to relax, stream Netflix, or read a book.  At the time, the class was made up mostly of teenagers, most of whom attended the public high where I teach.  I was in for (and continue to experience) some awkward, some amusing, but all wholly worthwhile experiences.

I have also been practicing kickboxing for a little over three years and am fortunate enough to teach a Saturday morning cardio kickboxing class to an amazing group of individuals who make waking up early on a Saturday morning completely worth it.  My blog focuses on the sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart-wrenching stories of my training, as well as my attempt to find the balance of being wife, mother, and…ninja!

My mantra is:  “Black Belt by 40!”  I am currently 39.5.

Artwork by Andree Design:  http://www.andreedesign.com

2 thoughts on “About NinjaSuze

  1. I am excited to see your story evolve. I hope you get your black belt and maybe I will become a sensei like you one day. Have fun taking the road to the dojo, sensei


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