Week 7: B-R-O-N-C-H-I-T-I-S

If I could sing that for you in the tune of Gwen Stefani’s “B-A-N-A-N-A-S” song, I would.

I definitely do not want this to turn into “whiny blog,” but bronchitis is what had me all out of sorts last week during the six week evaluation.  I hoped that it was just a cold and would resolve itself, but I finally went to the doctor on Tuesday and he confirmed that it was more than a cold. Unfortunately, the diagnosis means a week (or more) out of physical conditioning.  I was still able to practice forms this week, but it also meant four days out of work; and from the searing pain in my ribcage that I developed this week, I can only believe that I have re-strained my intercostal muscles due to all of the coughing. (See my first post:  “When Laughter is NOT the Best Medicine.”)

So, here I sit, ice pack on the ribs and back to my ibuprofen regimen. I’m on antibiotics for bronchitis until this Thursday, and with the chest muscle strain, it will be tough to run much this week. I’m also thinking that I should not do any abdominal work that requires twisting and either lay off or go easy on the push-ups. My first two thoughts this morning were (1) Am I just really old? (2) Or is this just crap luck? I’m still not sure which!  There is no way I’m turning back now, and I will work through the injury, but I’m also the mother of two and teacher to approximately 100 high schoolers – thus, I do not want to do anything so stupid that I am putting my responsibilities in jeopardy.

It is hard to get out of the black belt training mode and see things objectively as my friends and family who do not practice martial arts may view my scene. I’m sure I seem like a nut to all of them. However, one of the black belt principles is perseverance. I keep coming back to that specific principle when reflecting on the past week and the next five weeks to come. I have to make this work in any way that I can. I just hope that my body holds up with my will and determination.

Trinity Repertory’s version of Harper Lee’s novel is definitely worth seeing if you are in the area!

Last night I saw a theatrical rendition of To Kill a Mockingbird at Trinity Reperatory in Providence. https://www.trinityrep.com/Online/default.asp  In the play (and in the novel), there resides the theme of making the right choices with your words and with your actions.  It is also understood through the character’s experiences that these are not always the easy choices. The Trinity actors broke character throughout the performance and told personal stories of either oppression or misunderstanding. It is always eye-opening to hear a perspective that is not your own, and I thought this theatrical decision was very interesting.  It tied in so beautifully with the advice Atticus Finch gives his young daughter, Scout, in the novel – that “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.”  I have thought about Harper Lee’s message often in my life, particularly when things are not quite going my way (*cough*cough rib pain).  Whenever I am feeling sorry for myself, I think about all of the suffering so many individuals in our world (and in our human history) have had to overcome.  Clearly, our ability to be resourceful and positive when we are challenged has immeasurable value.  If you are able to perceive the bigger picture, it allows you to climb out of the rut of negative thinking.

I will close for now and probably go on Pinterest and pin cheesy quotes about black belt training, which always seems to help.  I remembered this morning that one of my track coaches in high school used to make signs that said P.M.A. (Positive Mental Attitude) and hang them all over our “track room,” which doubled as his Social Studies classroom.  I am bringing that acronym back into my life this week.  Hats off to Coach Mooney – still inspiring me after all of these years!

Thank you to my friend and fellow karateka, Michelle, for my weekly dose of inspirational quotes!  I love them.


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