Week 1: This Blog Post Brought to You By – Another Snow Day!

I am writing this post a bit later than I hoped to, but with the kids home from school for two snow days and helping my mom move into her new house – it has been difficult to find a spare minute.  As I write this, I sent my kids upstairs to play Monopoly (figuring an average game of Monopoly takes a couple of hours), but it sounds like they are actually playing basketball with elephants up there.  I fear my time is short!

Image by Andree Design

First, I would like to give a huge shout-out to my friend and fellow kick-boxer, Jess, from Andree Design (you can follow her on Twitter @DesignAndree) who created my NinjaSuze logo and header, along with some other fantastic stuff I hope to share soon.  Thank you, Jess, for making my blog look so much more legitimate and professional!  I could not be happier with the designs.

Training this week went quite smoothly, which was a welcome surprise.  I was able to fit in a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday evening schedule without a hitch.  Honestly, every day I look at the calendar on my iPhone and think, “Okay, I can do this!” so having the mid-week, Wednesday night off was ideal.  It was an evening to tackle the ever-growing heap of laundry in my basement, eat a non-rushed, sit-down meal with my family, and catch-up on Downton Abbey.  It was dreamy.

The candidate training plan for this week was to review the beginner forms, defense, strikes, blocks, kicks, and to complete one-hundred push-ups and one-hundred sit-ups.  This is in addition to the warm-up and calisthenics that we do with the adult class before the candidates separate for their training – so one of the evenings we did one-hundred and fifty push-ups total.  I did not notice any soreness other than my quads from holding a riding stance for at least thirty minutes a night while practicing ten-point blocks.  All I can expect from this week is continuation of beginner material.

Much to my surprise, there was a snow day on Friday; so even if my body was taxed from the run around, I was able to catch up on some rest.  Saturday was plenty busy with kickboxing in the morning, a basketball game for my oldest, and a karate tournament for my youngest. Without sounding like a braggart, but since it is karate related — I was super proud of my little guy for winning his division in forms during the karate tournament, especially since last year he came in second-to-last.  I saw a major improvement in his self-confidence. It made me proud to see how hard he practiced before the tournament – at home and with his instructors after class.

Happy about that guard stance!

Saturday we had a night out to celebrate my husband’s birthday with friends who will not be around for his actual birthday.  Despite the THREE HOUR wait, we had another delicious meal at Al Forno in Providence (http://www.alforno.com).  It is one of our favorite places in Providence, and if you have not been, you must have the experience at least once. However, be warned, they do not accept reservations for parties less than six. I recommend going on a weeknight, if you can swing it.  This Saturday evening, Providence College played Villanova AND our former mayor, Buddy Cianci (may he rest in peace), was being waked, so the city was bumping – with all sorts of personalities – including a guy who was screaming “Happy Birthday, Suede Jacket” to my husband when the waitstaff sang “Happy Birthday” to him while serving his twenty-dollar dessert.  Yes, my husband was wearing a suede-ish blazer, but this guy was off the hook!

Unfortunately, class is already canceled for this evening, so I will not be afforded the luxury of a mid-week night off and will have to train Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  It has not been super easy to get in two runs a week (as is expected) with the snowy, frigid weather, so I am planning on an indoor workout with my husband today…if I can get these darn kids to play Monopoly, maybe!  For now, it is time to bundle them up and go get some fresh air – even if it is for fifteen minutes.

This is what happens when you send your kids out to play in -1 degree weather.  Needless to say, it was short-lived.
Arlo didn’t seem to mind the cold!


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