It’s All in a Name

Ninjas Can't Be FoundThe learning curve for blogging, specifically the technical aspects, has been great this week. With a slight change in name, I was able to acquire the domain name, as well as the Instagram and Twitter handles for ninjasuze.  Hooray – nomenclature complete!

Although the blog and domain name ninjasue was available, ninjasue was taken for other social media. I tip my hat to the lady in Great Britain who calls herself ninjasue; I am sure she is a badass and I do not want to mess with her internet alter-ego.  In the spirit of consistency, I gladly took ninjasuze since (a) I have never really felt like a “Sue,” even though everyone from my hometown called me that and (b) there are quite a few people in my adult life who currently call me “Suze.”  So all is good.

The next decision is how public to take my blog.  As of now, I have only informed a small group and I am trying to decide how to handle telling others without anyone thinking that I am acting against some sort of dojo secret code.  With that said, I do want to state that I will not use the karate school’s name or individual’s names (unless I have permission).  I will also protect the privacy of the school and its members with my use of images.  Furthermore, I am committed to keeping the details about our karate school’s black belt testing private.  I hope that clears up any potential issues for members of the karate school, particularly my training group.

Five years’ worth of belts – minus the one around my waist.

With regards to last week’s goal:  don’t be dumb – I fared pretty well.  Without question, I was much more intelligent on Tuesday night than I was on Thursday night.  On Tuesday, I took class, but I did not allow any take-downs, nor did I participate in a linear kick timing drill or do any spinning kicks, and I did not do push-ups (partially dumb); on Thursday I actually just took class and did it all – even the stomach-buster jumping-jacks (probably very dumb).  The good news is that I only felt a little sore on Friday morning; I took a couple of ibuprofens with my oatmeal in the morning and I was good to go.  However, I do fear that being old and trying to get your black belt may require more ibuprofen than my stomach will appreciate. (Note to self: monitor ibuprofen intake.)

On either Monday or Tuesday night, I will have my official meeting to begin black belt training.  The initial meeting is when the head instructors go over the training schedule, the dates for testing, and they clear up any questions.  I am excited, for sure, but I just simply cannot believe that it is already here.  This week’s big decision will be whether or not to take the Stripe Test.  I qualify for black belt candidacy regardless of earning this week’s stripe.  One of the instructors has already told me to just to take the week off, rest up, and come back ready to begin training the following week.  The problem is that I know all of the material and I know I could earn that final stripe on my candidate belt – and there, my friends, is my pride rearing its ugly head.  Stripe testing asks for your maximum effort – for you to snap all of your punches, go hard during defense, and make your mark with kicks.  I am not sure if I will be able to “go easy” and earn a stripe.  Is it worth taking the test?  Will I potentially set myself back before training begins next week?  These are my questions heading into the week.  I will accept any and all advice!


3 thoughts on “It’s All in a Name

  1. I’d vote for taking your goal from last week. Rest up and kill it next week :). Don’t risk an injury by overdoing it too soon.


  2. I tend to be conservative about all things physical so keep that in mind when I tell you this: you’ve waited so long to heal that I think you should hold off. That’s probably not what you want to hear but look at it this way: the fact you are contemplating it means you’re probably healing well!! Love the blog, btw!!

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